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BlueBrain3D Real-time Drug Store Scene

Visualize design proofs in an accurate and realistic retail environment quickly and easily. Fine-tune and perfect product placements, signage, merchandising, product designs - then render stills or fly-throughs quickly thanks to the ultra low-poly yet convincing environment.

Ultra Low Poly

The entire scene, including fully populated interior, totals 65,000 polygons. What this means to you is a much easier scene to work with (even if you have a powerful workstation, less polygons can make a huge difference in performance) and significantly faster render times, which can mean the difference between hours and days for a fly-through animation.

Accurate and Familiar Product Displays

The scene features 20 aisles with unique product displays on each side for a total of 40+ detailed shelving displays. Each long display of products is a TGA with alpha UVW mapped onto flat planes, so the poly count is ultra low. Even though the product displays are flat, a sense of realism is achieved thanks to the alpha channel, by setting them back on the shelves, and by the addition of 3D price tags and other signage on the fronts of the shelves. These product displays have been created from many hundreds of reference photos from typical north american chains, so each display features common and familiar brands organized in real-world, familiar configurations.

Easily Customized Shelving

The store is populated with 40 uniquely configured shelving units and multiple end-cap variations, all referencing the same detailed texture maps. The six feet tall shelving units were designed to match the scale of shelves common to drug stores, convenience stores, general stores, some grocery stores, etc. These low-poly models are set up so that the color of the fronts of the shelves, the values on the price tags, and the section labels on the round signs can be easily adjusted with simple UVW-unwrap modifications. The included texture maps include a variety of price tags and section labels for easy customization.

Extensive Collection of End-caps and Store Props

Dozens of additional models complete the scene, all ultra low-poly, all UVW unrwapped with detailed texture maps, all accurate reproductions of real-world objects. Each individual object represents hours of photoshop and 3d production time.

The Small Details

Additional props including exit signs, security cameras, ceiling vents, exterior store signage, etc. contribute collectively to scene realism beyond the low polygon count.

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